English Bible Study Group ("EBSG")

Some of the EBSG members

The oecumenical English Bible Study Group ("EBSG") meets regularly every 2nd Friday from 7p.m. to approx. 9p.m., in the conference room in parish center Petrushof, Kirchstraße 40, 1st floor.

From 2009 on, the EBSG discovered different books of the Bible. So the core of the group is since 10 years together - but very happy to have participants who join temporarily - often employees from internationally acting companies who are for a limited time in Germany.

10 years ... a long time? No, not really. Time flies when the 14 participants share their experiences from their lives in Germany, Brazil, England, Ghana, South Africa, Thailand and the US.

In August 2018, the group started working on Luke. 

If you are interested to join the group or if you have any questions, please contact Mr. John Weir, e-mail homedontospamme@gowaway.johnweir.de

Four times a year, the EBSG organizes an English language church service or English Devotional Meditation in Gerlingen.